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It’s more than just another video app–it’s an interactive experience

From YouTube to Vimeo to Vine (RIP), users have always had plenty of video streaming apps to choose from when they’re on their phones. The Adult Swim app needed to elevate the concept of video content beyond merely watching and sharing.

With the group chat functions within the video streams, each show marathon becomes in itself a forum. Users can participate in a collective viewing experience, sharing reactions and show-themed emojis in real time. The conversation functionality differentiates and enhances the television watching experience for these committed fans.

All the content, all the time

While Adult Swim only airs on television at night, the app provides users with all their favorite shows 24/7. When building out the app, FortyFour’s UX team kept in mind what the ideal television watching experience could and should be. Even when seemingly isolated by smartphones, fans can create communities and engage in truly unique and immersive connections with Adult Swim’s video content.

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