Reimagining Aptean’s digital presence

Aptean is a global software company that builds niche products for a wide range of industries: Over 2,500 organizations in more than 20 industries and 54 countries rely on Aptean to streamline their everyday operations. While some of their products are developed internally, they also have an aggressive acquisition strategy. After years of bringing stand-alone companies and solutions together under the Aptean brand, they needed a partner to help them further unify these various products. To create a cohesive digital experience, FortyFour stepped in to reimagine the following elements:

A modular approach to flexibility & scale

Aptean’s various products and dynamic business model meant that we needed to create a flexible and robust modular system. We built Aptean’s website on MODX and designed a series of versatile, reusable content modules. Flexibility around formatting and content allowed our content team to craft unique narratives around each product. It also broke down development into digestible pieces for our development team to tackle.

  • UX
  • UI Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Technology Strategy
  • Platform Development
  • SEO/Analytics
  • Brand Development

Built with ModX

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Refining and elevating a respected software brand

Over the years Aptean has acquired several well-regarded software products that enable efficiency in numerous industries. But they hadn't yet taken the time to bring those disparate products under one cohesive brand system. As part of FortyFour’s work, we developed a focused, vibrant design identity which included development of photographic, illustrative, and iconographic styles. Revamped and more contemporary, Aptean’s brand now fuels design efforts across their digital landscape.

Building on a focus of user experience for the consumer and the content editors, we've created a multi-site platform that expands Aptean’s reach to emerging markets in over a dozen countries.

Aaron Smith | Lead Developer

Positioning the organization for global growth

Aptean provides best-in-class B2B software solutions and they now have a website to match. The site is professional and polished while also still playful and human. Our work with Aptean is ongoing. We’re extending the new design and experience system to their web properties across the globe. We’ve positioned ourselves to easily develop and launch new country sites on an ongoing basis. We’re excited to see our partnership deepen and watch the Aptean organization grow even stronger.

We needed a global site that could scale with our business and reflected the best-in-class quality of our products. FortyFour delivered exactly that.

Kristen Agnelli | VP Global Marketing


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