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A business that
embraces disruption

Phobio builds smart software that helps leading brands elevate customer and employee experiences and take control of the trends disrupting their industry to retail. From device trade-in to workforce communications, their innovative products are transforming how longstanding industries like retail are tackling the challenges of today. But their website, core messaging and visual identity was in need of revamping. That's where FortyFour came in.

Mission Statement

We're helping brands adapt to new disruptive realities...

with smart and simple software that creates better experiences, engages people, and delights users.

An experience worthy of the exceptional products

Phobio's products are transforming industries, but their messaging wasn't clear and the overall site experience wasn't as intuitive or engaging as the software it marketed. FortyFour's team started from the foundations of the brand: we created a new mission, vision and values for the organization, reimagined its use of photography, illustration and other design elements, and created a well organized, informative site that put the impact of their products front and center.

A platform designed
for growth

Phobio is a fast-growing company. As their products and services change and grow, they will need a site that can change and grow with it. That's why we replatformed their site onto Drupal, a flexible, scalable CMS platform that will allow for easy updates and expansion. Phobio's site is now positioned for success in both the near and long-term.

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